What are sample ballots?

Before each election, Zone 10 prints and distributes sample ballots to voters who are likely to vote for the Democratic Party. These sample ballots look like the actual ballot you’ll receive either via mail or at your polling station. They are pre-filled to show voters which candidates to choose and how to vote on issues to align with Democratic values.

Where can I get one?

If you are a registered Democrat, a sample ballot will be mailed to you. If you don’t receive a sample ballot in the mail (or have lost it), you can also download the sample ballots on this website. Sample ballots will be available to download on this webpage a few weeks prior to an election.

How can I help distribute?

As you can imagine, printing and mailing sample ballots to all registered Democrats in our Zone can start to add up! If you are interested in supporting this effort, please consider making a donation to Zone 10. You can also join our Get out the Vote or Fundraising committees to distribute sample ballots and fundraise for this cause.

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