Why volunteer?

Democracy is not a spectator sport. To ensure candidates supporting our values win, we must work together to support our candidates and help our community understand the importance of voting.

Our zone — Central Chester County Democrats — is committed to building a community that fosters dialogue, listens and includes everyone who wants to see Democracy flourish.

Each month, we host a business meeting on the second Thursday at 7pm via Zoom and a social meeting where members can get to know each other or discuss issues of the day.

To join our social or business meeting or one of our five committees, please contact our zone leader Michelle Smith.

Join a committee!

All of our zone committees are accepting new members.

Digital Communications — Responsible for our website, social media, and outbound marketing. We are always looking for writers, designers, and developers to help us reach more voters. This committee meets the first and third Monday at 8pm via Zoom. Join now!
Fundraising — One of our largest committees, our fundraising team is responsible for providing the funds necessary to support our voter outreach and candidate efforts. Multiple events, small and large, are planned throughout the year. This team also designs all zone merchandise. Join now!
Community Outreach — Our members support our local communities through volunteerism, donation, and ensuring that we are finding ways to give back locally. We also seek to increase awareness of Democrats and Democratic values by attending local community events where we can help answer questions or connect folks to different resources. Join now!
Membership — Pennsylvania politics are complex and often difficult to understand. Our membership team strives to make the complex easy to understand, for voters and new volunteers alike. They provide training throughout the year, easy to comprehend materials, and welcoming events where folks can ask questions, be included, and feel connected to the greater community. Join now!
Get out the Vote — Voting is a muscle that must be exercised twice a year, every year. Together, we work to find the best ways to reach voters, understand their perspectives, and ensure they have the information necessary to make an informed decision. From sample ballots to figuring out who we contact and when – this committee plays a vital role in ensuring Democrats continue to be elected each and every year. Join now!

In addition to our committees, we need volunteers during every election season. We could use your help in talking to voters, writing postcards, greeting people at the polls, and providing sample ballots to those who are likely to vote for the Democratic Party. To volunteer, please contact Michelle Smith.

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